LWVMC Retained Positions

City of Milwaukee Positions

1. Support long-range planning, innovative programs, and program budgeting in MPS.
2. Support a periodic program assessment by public school administrators and by an independent, impartial evaluator with such evaluations available to the public.
3. Support City of Milwaukee residency requirement for all MPS employees, both classified and unclassified.

City of Wauwatosa Positions

Education: Planning Support the establishment by the Wauwatosa School Board and the school administration of plans with priorities for the maintenance, repair, and replacement of existing elementary school buildings, to be reviewed yearly.
Government: Finances Revenue Sources
1. Support the property tax as the main source for local needs.
2. Support user fees, if necessary, for optimal services, but not for essential services beneficial to all (such as police and fire departments).
3. Oppose local sales, local income, and wheel taxes.
City Expenditures: Education
1. Support using school buildings efficiently.
2. Support reducing the number of non-classroom professionals if it can be done without affecting quality.
Government: Size of Common Council
Support the reduction of the size of the Common Council within the limits of practicality, including the possibility of aldermen at large. LWVMC Positions Revised Adopted May 2010
Revised July 2014