A poll worker outside Riverside High School, one of five polling places that were open for in-person voting in the City of Milwaukee on April 7.

Photo by Tim Holte

League Statements: In-Person Voting on April 7

LWV-Milwaukee County Statement       LWV-Wisconsin Statement

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Current Realities for DACA Recipients and Asylum Seekers

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Annual memberships for the 2019-2020 League year expire on June 30. In order to minimize reminder mailings sent during the health emergency, we hope that you will consider renewing sooner rather than later this year.


We’re hard at work on social media and through email to keep our efforts to empower voters and defend democracy on track. 


Members, your early renewal for the 2020-2021 League year will be appreciated. We are also accepting new memberships to fuel our efforts heading into the August and November elections.

ALL LWVMC in-person public events are CANCELED through at least June 12, 2020 due to the COVID-19  public health emergency. Although our office is closed, we are checking mail, voicemail and email regularly.

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