LWVMC Positions: Government


Support voluntary cooperative action by local units of government in Milwaukee County in solving area-wide problems. Support for local governmental bodies to consider sharing services. The following criteria should be applied: efficient, economical, workable, effective, timely. (former North Shore Position)


Support substantial efforts to maintain good communication between governments and citizens and between school districts and citizens in the area of financing. (former Wauwatosa Position) Support attempts to find relief from the costs incurred in providing services to tax-exempt properties as a result of State law. Many of these properties are questionable as to tax-exempt status. A review by the State Legislature to eliminate some tax exemptions and close loopholes is an appropriate action. (former City of West Allis Position)

Library Services

Support quality library services and facilities. Support the concept of cooperative library services such as the Milwaukee County Federated Library System with county support to ensure stability and compliance of our present system and the economies, which can be derived from cooperative efforts. (former Village of Greendale, City of West Allis, North Shore Positions)

Long Range Planning

Support comprehensive, long-range planning and improvement in the communication between government and citizens in the area of community planning. (former Wauwatosa Position)

Regional Planning Commission

Support the Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission (SEWRPC) and its contribution to the overall development and economic well-being of the region, and its utilization of constructive land use policies. (former North Shore Position)

County Institutions Land Development

Support development consistent with objectives recommended by the County Executive's Blue Ribbon Task Force on the Disposition of Milwaukee County Institution Lands (1985). Support leasing rather than selling of institutional lands. Support conformity with the City of Wauwatosa zoning and sign requirements. Support development criteria that include:

  • Preservation of the environment and natural characteristics
  • Preservation of open space
  • Adherence to Wauwatosa parking space requirements.
Support reimbursement - through property taxes, fees for service and/or percentage of lease payments to the City of Wauwatosa for services provided and for infrastructure investment. Support deposit of county corporation income, not required to amortize loans or support operations, into the Milwaukee County Economic Development Fund. Support use of the land for research, general office, conference facilities, and related activities.