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The League is truly a volunteer-driven organization. We rely on dedicated volunteers to keep things running smoothly and help us connect with voters and the general public.

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Comite por el voto latino/Latinx Voter Outreach Team:

Aims to increase the number of Milwaukee Latinx voters by primarily (but not exclusively) targeting our work on Milwaukee's South side.  We work to increase language appropriate and culturally relevant voter information that support the Latinx communities to register, become more knowledgeable about the candidates and issues, and to vote.

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communications committee

Comprised of members of the Social Media Team, the Update coordinators, The Voter editor and others interested in how best to disseminate information to our members. 

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diversity, equity and inclusion committee

Strategizes and advocates for diversity, equity and inclusion at all levels of League operations and programs.  Utilizing suggestions from LWVMC membership, DEI strategies seek to improve outreach to people from underrepresented groups and students at all levels, collaborate with diverse organizations on issues of common interest,  improve communications, offer DEI educational programming, and actively promote greater diversity in LWVMC's membership and leadership.

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election night reporting

The League of Women Voters of Milwaukee County participates in Election Night Reporting to raise funds.  We and our partnering organizations report election results from various municipalities in Milwaukee County and from several outlying counties.  Our volunteers usually arrive to a county clerk's or municipal clerk's office by 7:50 p.m. on election night.  They call in results to a media contact until results are final.  

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lunch & learn

LWV Milwaukee County sponsors a free, virtual gathering on the third Tuesday of each month.  We build friendship, inspire action to work together to influence public policy, meeting basic human needs in Milwaukee County. Gatherings about about 1 - 1.5 hours and focus on a specific topic. To learn when the next meeting will take place, please view our calendar page.

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membership committee

Recruits, renews and retains members by maintaining the membership roster, overseeing the creation of membership material for members and for community outreach, phones new and prospective members, organizes New Member Orientations, organizes the Fall Kickoff event, and greets and registers attendees at public forums, Annual Meetings, and other League events.

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member engagement team

Relies on Member Interest Surveys (MIS) and the weekly Update to match member interests and talents with League volunteer opportunities.  A Volunteer Request Form has been designed to communicate single event needs (such as registering attendees at Public issues Forums) and long-term situations (such as committee interests).  The Team refers to a database of member-submitted MIS forms to coordinate indicated interests and skills.

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natural resources committee

Provides advocacy for five content strands:  Lead Issues in Milwaukee, PFAS contamination, Enbridge Company's Pipeline 5 that currently crosses the Bad River Reservation near Ashland, climate change including a Climate Focus section within the Update, and a joint infrastructure education and development project with the LWV-WI and the American Society of Civil Engineers across Wisconsin.  We also have a representative to the inter-League organization for the Great Lakes watershed region. If you are interested in joining our meetings, they are held on the 4th Wednesday of the month at 6:00 pm. Please contact us for details.

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nominating committee

Recruits members for the board and the executive group.  We have just started working on the nominations slate for 2021 which will be presented for membership approval at the annual meeting in May.  We welcome contacts from members who are interested in serving on the board or who would like to recommend someone for a board position, or who is interested in exploring developing their leadership within the League. 

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police policy and practice reform committee

Advocates for reforms in policing and police governance locally, and to enhance knowledge and engagement with respect to police-related matters within the League and broader community. To achieve these ends, we research;, listen to and, when feasible, participate in official meetings; bring in outside speakers, and share ideas at meetings. When appropriate; we may ally with like-minded community groups and encourage League members not on the committee to join in our efforts. We may, in the future, sponsor one or more public issues forums.

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social media team

Posts and maintains content on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram with important voting announcements as well as relevant League news and information. 

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voter services team

Provides voter education, registration and voting information to individuals, organizations, and community institutions including but not limited to schools, libraries, Naturalization ceremonies, Latinx Voter Outreach, senior and other institutions with a focus on reaching and engaging with those groups under-represented in the voting population and those groups facing barriers to voter registration and voting. Provide voter education and dissemination of information to the general public through voter registration drives, voter and election resources including training, printed materials and social media, candidate forums and Voter Guides (VOTE411). 

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waukesha branch

The Waukesha County Branch formed in 2018 in response to an expanding membership of Waukesha County residents within the Milwaukee County League. This local branch offers great opportunities to stimulate citizen interest and action at the local government level and provide a public service to the community. The Branch has formed active Membership, Natural Resources, Social Media and Voter Service Committees with 4 dedicated voter service teams: High School, Higher Education, Public Library, and Community. When events are scheduled in Waukesha County volunteer opportunities are listed on the LWVMC calendar at https://www.lwvmilwaukee .org/. All members of the Branch are also members of the Milwaukee County League. You can join the Branch through the Milwaukee County League website. 

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