LWVMC Positions: Social Policy

Administration of Justice: Law Enforcement

Support of law enforcement policy locally developed by cooperative efforts of citizens and law enforcement agencies using state guidelines, bur reflecting local needs.

Education: Racial Integration of School Systems

 Support the right of every person to equal opportunity for a quality education.
 Support local government and school district efforts to prevent and/or remove
discrimination in education and to help communities bring about racial integration of
school systems.
 Support modifications to the existing programs and/or new programs which better meet the following criteria: 1. Promotion of housing integration
2. Continuing evaluation of program effectiveness
3. Achievement of goals efficiently and economically
4. Improvement in quality of education for all
5. Adequate statewide funding
6. Broad participation of all area school districts, both public and private, and all
area governments 7. Involvement of participants in planning and implementation

Education: Vocational Technical (former Wauwatosa Position)

Support greater emphasis on vocational and technical education at the high school level.

Milwaukee County Department of Parks, Recreation and Culture (MCDPRC)

Support the Milwaukee County Department of Parks, Recreation and Culture as very important to the quality of life of the citizens of Milwaukee County for aesthetic, recreational, educational, social, environmental, and geographical reasons. Support that oversight remain an obligation of the County to ensure the services and activities provided by the MCDPRC reflect the changing needs and wishes of the various demographic groups comprising the County population.
Support a policy of considering all possible forms of funding for the MCDPRC and its many activities, while also taking care to assure that any single method of funding does not infringe on the public trust nor limit public access.
Support that the MCDPRC consider ways to protect and expand its public parklands to guarantee public access and adequate green space for future generations. The MCDPRC must creatively, effectively, and continually assess park planning as it relates to the community, paying special attention to those geographic and/or social entities that may be underserved.


Support fair and affordable housing.

Human Services

Support effective human services through adequate financing, greater citizen participation, program evaluation, and cooperative long-range planning for family-oriented services among the various levels of public and private services.

Health Department (former Wauwatosa Positions)

Support the public health department as a vital and necessary component of quality of life. Support local health departments, when supported by their communities. Support particularly environmental services, school nurse program, and educational programs and clinics.

Urban Development (former City of Milwaukee Position)

Support a practical and well-planned program of urban development with emphasis on adequate financing, expediting, administration and measures to establish equitable compensation, and adequate relocation services for businesses and residents displaced by Milwaukee’s “public purpose” programs.

Administration of Justice: Juvenile Justice

To protect society through deterrence, incapacitation, and reform, as well as to protect the child whose development and welfare are in jeopardy. Punishment applied to the juvenile, like the adult, should be humane, seek to avoid criminalization, promote the juvenile's potential for responsible behavior in relation to family and community and be applied equally regardless of race, religion, sex, economic or social status. However, the age and level of responsibility of the child should be taken into consideration.