Photo Identification for Voting

What forms of photo identification are required to vote?

Photo IDs are required to vote in Wisconsin elections. For a current list of acceptable photo ids, click here or visit As of August 2018, the following forms of identification are accepted for voting:

  • Wisconsin Driver License or Wisconsin State ID*
  • U.S. Passport book or card*
  • U.S. Uniformed Services card*
  • Certificate of Naturalization issued within the past 2 years
  • Wisconsin Tribal ID card (expired or unexpired)
  • Veteran’s Affairs ID (unexpired or no expiration date)
  • Wisconsin Driver License or State ID card receipt (valid for 45 days from date issued)
  • Wisconsin Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) ID Petition Process Photo Receipt (valid for 180 days from date issued)
  • Student ID card
  • Must be from a Wisconsin accredited university, college or technical college
  • Card must show:
  • Date card issued
  • Student signature
  • Expiration date within 2 years of issuance
* The expiration date on these documents must be after the date of the last General Election, currently November 6, 2018.

I do not have a valid photo ID for voting. How can I obtain one?

Apply in person at any Department of Motor Vehicles location. Bring the following identifying documents, if available:

  • Proof of name and date of birth
  • Proof of identity
  • Proof of residency
  • Proof of U.S. citizenship
  • Social Security card
If you do not have the documentation to get a Wisconsin ID card, the Department of Motor Vehicles has a service that will search vital records in the US or US territories at no charge. To learn how to obtain a free Voting ID card, visit To learn how to obtain a Wisconsin ID card, visit There may be fees associated with getting a Wisconsin ID.