Empowering New Citizens

to Become Informed Voters


For the past 50 years LWVMC has offered voter registration following all naturalization ceremonies at the Federal Courthouse and in the community.


Our volunteers welcome new Americans from hundreds of nations by guiding them through the registration process and providing them with nonpartisan educational materials and election reminders, all in an effort to empower them to become informed voters.

For upcoming voter registration events and training in online voter registration (OVR) click here.

Email newcitizens@lwvmilwaukee.org to contact the New Citizen Voter Registration Team directly.

LWVMC volunteers attend naturalization ceremonies to assist with voter registration and provide information to thousands of new citizens each year. (MATC, 2016)

"To make democracy work, we must be a nation of participants, not simply observers."

--Louis L'Amour