Jeanne Ament

Bette Arey

Jean Bauer

Barbara Boles

Jeanne Durnford

Mary Goode

Barbara Hussin

Sr. Paula Marie Jarosz

Minna Jones (d. March 11)

Jan Martin (d. May 8)

Rich Lindberg

Sue Lindberg

Catherine (Kay) Millington

Caralou Nelsen

Kit O'Meara

Sr. Mary Ellen Paulson (d. August 17)

Miriam Reading and Richard Miller

Pat Rieselbach

Pat (d. July 29) and Leon Risser

Joan Robertson

Mary Stefaniak

Phyllis Wax

Gloria and Ed Weiskotten

2020 Lifetime Members Celebration

by Ann Batiza, Vice President and Co-chair Natural Resources Committee

Congratulations to our LWV of Milwaukee County Lifetime members! It is incredible to think that each one has been a member of the League of Women Voters for at least half of the League's 100-year history. We thank them for their accomplishments and service not only to the League but also to the communities they have served.

A video compilation of interviews from our Lifetime Members can be found below or by clicking here.

Some information not included in the movie is nonetheless described here. Jeanne Ament was very active on the Board and served as Secretary for several years, while focusing on juvenile justice and organizing election night reporting.  As a side note, Jeanne and her family would ambush unsuspecting motorists who pulled into gas stations – to register them to vote!  Minna Jones was president of the Wauwatosa League from 1984-1986.  Pat Risser was inspired by the League to go to Law School, became Lawyer of the Year, and trained other lawyers to provide pro bono services.

A special treat within this montage is Lifetime Member Phyllis Wax reading her poem, Birth of a League. Phyllis wrote this poem in 1989 to mark the creation of the LWV of Milwaukee County through a merger of the Greater Milwaukee, North Shore, and Wauwatosa Leagues.

We are saddened at the passing of four Lifetime members, Minna Jones (March 11), Jan Martin (May 8), Pat Risser (July 29) and Sr. Mary Ellen Paulson (August 17), but are happy to have video of Jan and audio of Sr. Mary Ellen.

Thank you to Beverly Katter who organized many of the audio interviews we conducted and to all who provided video, images, and responses.  We profusely thank Nick Gaurkee who volunteered his time and digital skills to make all the edits and put the video together. (Nick is available for digital work, such as VHSàCD conversions, at

The credits should be amended to acknowledge Joan Robertson was interviewed and videotaped by her daughter, Annette Robertson; and Jan Martin by her granddaughter, Kaina Martin. Phyllis Wax provided her own video. Kevin Scharenbrock, son—in-law of Gloria and Ed Weiskotten provided their photo; Kay Millington’s daughter, Pam Millington, provided hers; and Jeanne Ament’s daughter, Jennifer Moeller, submitted hers.

Congratulations again to all our 2020 Lifetime Members!  In the words of Phyllis Wax, these “women of stature” nourished not only our League “born of three mothers” but League efforts both across the country and here at home. We thank you!

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