LWVMC moderated a forum for 16th Assembly district candidates running for state representative

Candidate Forum 

Moderating Services


The League of Women Voters has long been recognized for its expertise in moderating fair and impartial candidate forums. For more information or to request League moderating services, email forums@lwvmilwaukee.org.


Our goal as a moderator of candidate forums is to inform voters about candidates and their stands on issues. The League of Women Voters does not support or oppose political parties or candidates for public office. LWVMC does not usually initiate candidate forums. Requests for our moderating services must be made by a sponsoring community organization.

Sponsoring Organization Criteria


LWVMC will consider requests to moderate candidate forums from organizations that agree to a forum structure that meets League of Women Voters standards of fairness. LWVMC will provide a moderator, timer, and question sorter. Acceptance of a request to moderate will be determined by the LWVMC President and/or Candidate Forum Coordinator.

Sponsoring organizations requesting Moderator Services will agree to the criteria and guidelines below:

  • The forum will be conducted in a non-partisan manner, with fair and impartial treatment of all candidates.

  • Campaigning and partisan activities will be excluded from the event.

  • All qualified candidates for the office that is the topic of the forum will be invited to the event. Qualified candidates have met all eligibility requirements and will appear on the ballot or qualify as registered write-in candidates.

  • At least two candidates must be in attendance at the forum. If only one candidate accepts the forum invitation, the forum will be cancelled or rescheduled. If only one candidate is in attendance due to an opposing candidate's last minute cancellation, the LWVMC Candidate Forum Coordinator will determine the course of action in accordance with LWVWI guidelines.

  • Each candidate will provide documentation that verifies having received an invitation to the forum and acceptance or refusal of the invitation. Candidates will agree to the forum guidelines by signing the Candidate Letter of Agreement. Candidates not signing the Candidate Letter of Agreement will be excluded from participation.

  • Candidates will be required to appear in person; representation by a designated spokesperson or a written position statement is not allowed.

  • Sponsors must sign the Letter of Agreement, which details event logistics, forum format & rules, sponsor responsibilities and adherence to LWVMC and LWVUS standards for fairness, prior to announcing the event.

  • LWVMC President and/or Candidate Forum Coordinator may determine additional criteria for acceptance of individual requests. LWVMC's decision to accept or deny a sponsoring organization's request will be based on criteria established in LWVMC, LWVWI, and LWVUS guidelines.