Becoming a Poll Worker

Now any Milwaukee County citizen can be a paid election poll worker in the City of Milwaukee. The city is hiring Milwaukee County citizens to serve as paid poll workers, officially known as Election Inspectors.

  • Election Inspectors will perform four main duties: Greeter, Registrar, Receiver and Machine Attendant.

  • Election Inspectors must be able to perform all four duties.

  • Election Inspectors must reside in Milwaukee County, whether they choose to receive compensation or volunteer.

  • A convicted felon may not serve as an Election Inspector, even if his or her civil rights have been restored.

For more information on becoming an Election Inspector in the City of Milwaukee and to apply, click here.

Other Municipalities


All municipalities need poll workers. To volunteer or apply for a paid poll worker position in your area, contact your municipal clerk. Your municipal clerk contact information can be found at


For answers to frequently asked questions about becoming a poll worker, visit the state Elections Commission website.