League members joined the Student March for Our Lives in Milwaukee (March 24, 2018).

Action Alerts


The League regularly issues action alerts via email and social media in support of League policy positions. Most often, these alerts ask citizens to attend an event or to contact elected officials concerning a policy decision or pending legislation.


Recent action alerts:

Support HR1 Reforms

LWVUS has contacted all states to join in grassroots advocacy efforts in support of the pro-democracy reforms that will be introduced in Congress as HR1. The legislation aims to include elements that align with many of the League’s long-held positions, such as election modernization, redistricting reform, restoring the Voting Rights Act and creating a public financing system.

Click here for more information and to take action.

This Is Not How Democracy Works!

The League of Women Voters of Milwaukee County is in strong opposition to the bills that may be voted on TODAY (Dec. 4, 2018) in an extraordinary session of the state legislature on the grounds that this process undermines the principles of our representative democracy.

Click here for more information and to take action.

Immigration Rule Change

A proposed change to the Flores Settlement Agreement would put immigrant children at risk because of prolonged detentions, longer family separations and increased detentions. Click here for more information and to take action. Comments are due by Nov. 6, 2018.