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Why We Should Abolish the Electoral College - Forum 10/12/19


The League of Women Voters of Milwaukee County presented its position in favor of abolishing the Electoral College at a free public issues forum on October 12, 2019. Nearly 100 individuals attended to take in the presentation and join the discussion.

The Electoral College is a puzzling system that often has people scratching their heads about how it works and why we use it. LWV has advocated since 1970 for abolishing this antiquated system. The Electoral College polarizes our electorate and artificially divides our nation into so-called “red” states and “blue” states. Five times in our history (twice recently), the Electoral College has given the Presidency to the loser of the popular vote.


We also discussed the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact as one way to achieve the goal of direct popular vote for election of the president until the abolition of the Electoral College, which would require passage of a Constitutional amendment. The compact would establish the popular election of the president through an agreement among the states governing how they would cast their votes in the Electoral College -- with electors' votes going to the winner of the national popular vote.


Our presenter was Erin McCarthy, LWVMC board member and chair of the LWVMC Representative Government Committee. Erin teaches social studies at Greendale Middle School and was named Wisconsin’s 2019-2020 Teacher of the Year.


The presentation was based in part on materials provided by LWV-Wilmette (links at top of this page) and was followed by discussion, questions and answers.